Rosso induction hobs have a 2 year warranty
Rosso deliver FREE to Eire but worldwide delivery is available at a cost
Rosso is 100% Irish brand

Rosso Appliances Kilkenny
Stylish Induction Hobs With Heat Control Knobs

The Rosso range of induction hobs will compliment and enhance both the look and functionality of any kitchen. The new sleek design features dark vitroceramic glass and knobs for temperature control boasting 11 heat settings.

Rosso induction hobs are available in 60cm, 80cm and 90cm units, combining simplicity with functionality, featuring unique heat control knobs to ensure ease of use and an easy to clean stylish finish. Based in Galway, Ireland we offer free delivery throughout Kilkenny but can also arrange international shipping if required.

Rosso 60 is a 60cm induction hob with temperature control knobs

Rosso 60 Induction Hob

This 60cm induction hob features our unique heat control knobs to ensure ease of use. The four powerful heating zones allow seemless cooking.


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Rosso 80 is a 80cm induction hob with temperature control knobs

Induction Hob with Manual Control

if you're a cooking enthusiast who prefers the tactile precision and simplicity of manual controls, look no further than Rosso Appliances.

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benefits of an induction hob

Why Choose An Induction Hob?

Green - Energy Efficient & Cleaner Air

Safe - Turns off automatically when pan is removed

Knobs - Easy to use

Instant - More reactive

Faster - Quick to heat & cool

Clean - easy to clean

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Innovative Induction Hobs In Kilkenny

Designed right here in Ireland, Rosso induction hobs feature easy to use heat control knobs to allow instant precise cooking. Our high quality hobs were created for a market not catered for anywhere else and come with a 2 Year Warranty.

Rosso induction combine simplicity with functionality to ensure ease of use for the customer and our stylish hobs would makes an outstanding addition to any kitchen.

If you would like more information about our induction hobs please contact Rosso Appliances today!